ISLAMABAD - The anxiously awaited exhibition about Murree has finally been launched by the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), followed by a prize distribution ceremony, here on Saturday. The inauguration ceremony of the exhibition titled "Unveil Murree: Past and Present" was launched at the Gallery 10 of PNCA. Renowned artist and former foreign minister Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest lauded the efforts of artists who had worked hard to unveil different historical and cultural aspects of Murree. "This is extremely encouraging, all the artists have done great job. Artists community needs to be facilitated in order to promote literary activities," he stated while showing his keen interest in the paintings. "I have very strong association with Murree since child hood. I had been a student of Lawrence College and had spent nine years of my life in Murree. That was a wonderful experience," Asif mentioned while recalling his memories. "I was really keen to attend this event," he added. Naeem Tahir, Director General (DG), PNCA thanked the Chief Guest who had arrived straight to the event from Turkey. "I'm profoundly thankful to Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali who has travelled all the way from Turkey only to attend this event," he revealed. The DG congratulated all those artists who had won prizes while urging others not to lose hope. "All the paintings were extremely captivating, and absorbing. However, those who haven't won prizes have no reason to lose heart," he argued. Earlier, Musarrat Naheed, Director Visual Arts, PNCA said the distribution of prizes among the contestants was divided into three categories classified as A, B and C respectively. Category A included paintings while B and C comprised photography and multimedia presentation. Panel of judges consisted of Ghulam Rasul, Misbahuddin Qazi and Aasim Akhter for Category A, while Javed A Kazi, Naseer Malik and Aftab Ahmed for both B and C Categories, she informed. The first three winners of each category were offered lucrative prize money of hundred thousand rupees, seventy five thousand and fifty thousand rupees respectively. The Director Visual Arts mentioned that the Council had received around eighty paintings by fifty artists for the aforementioned contest. "It is not possible to display all the paintings in the gallery, so we have chosen the best ones for exhibition," Musarrat informed while announcing the results. The details of the results, as announced by Musarrat Naheed are as follows, Category A: Painting 1st prize Shahid Toosy, Kausar Iqbal (to be divided between both position holders) 2nd prize Ahmed Habib, Khalid Manzoor Butt (to be divided between both) 3rd prize Mahmood Ali, Altaf Ahmed (to be divided between both) Category B: Photography 1st prize Javaid Ahmed Khan 2nd Prize M. Hanif Malik 3rd Prize F. E. Mughal Category C: Multimedia Presentation 1st prize Saima Ahmed 2nd prize Bushra Hassan Mirza 3rd prize Aniqah Rais. The winners received their cheques from the Chief Guest. Later, the DG presented his newly written book on Indus valley under the title "Malluhus of the Indus Valley" to Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, the Chief Guest.