In a Geo talk show hosted by Hamid Mir, the participants gave contradictory statements. The Information Minister Sherry Rehman expressed ignorance about blocking of the Geo transmissions in Karachi. Mazhar Abbas, Secretary General of PUFJ, however maintained that certain TV channels were blocked and publication of a magazine and a newspaper of Karachi had also been banned. He also stated that media was just performing its duty of highlighting problems and presenting their solutions. I think that media, no doubt, breaks news as it happens but over-blows the problems a little creating an impression of chaos with no workable solution in sight. The medicine it provides is worse than the disease itself. The mediamen loudly proclaim freedom of expression but deny that freedom to others. Even the letters to the editors, which do not fall in line with the media policy, are dropped with out any qualms. -RAJA SHAFAATULLAH, Islamabad, November 19.