ISLAMABAD - To further mount pressure on the Pakistan People's Party-led coalition government for striking down controversial Article 58(2)b and parts of the 17th Constitutional Amendment, Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) had decided to respond quickly to the draft constitutional amendment package given to them by PPP, sources in PML-N disclosed to TheNation. The sources said that the party committee, assigned the task to look into the 80-point draft constitutional amendment package given by PPP to all the Parliamentary parties, had been asked by PML-N Quaid to complete the job on urgent basis, so that they same could be dispatched to the government for further action. These sources further said that PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif wanted immediate repealing of Article 58(2)b and 17th constitutional Amendment but PPP wanted to go about these amendments along with a set of other amendments including some controversial things to which even some of the ruling coalition partners were also opposed to. The sources further said that over the past couple of weeks the relations between the PPP and PML-N took a new turn with parties coming out criticizing each other with special reference to their coalition government in the Punjab. The sources said that PML-N leadership had decided to take hard line on the issue of the controversial constitutional amendments and that was the reason its members in the National Assembly came out with an open demand to go about the amendments as promised by President Zardari himself in his address to the Joint sitting of the Parliament. Some of the senior leaders of PML-N were of the view that PPP was just gaining time and was not sincere in bringing about the constitutional amendments aimed at curtailing the powers of the President and devolving the same to the Parliament. These PML-N leaders suspected that PPP was talking about the 80-point draft constitutional package, which it had floated during the negotiations with PML-N over the issue of judges restoration, only because they were not sincere in striking down Article 58(2)b and 17th Amendment, as the proposed draft contained a lot of controversial things not acceptable even to some of their own coalition partners. To keep the ruling coalition under pressure, PML-N leadership had decided to propose changes in the draft constitutional package so that PPP would be left with little choice to delay the issue and put the matter before the Parliament. PML-N central leaders did not give some specific time for reply to the PPP draft constitutional package but said that party's special committee dealing with the matter had almost completed their task and would file the reply in a week's time. One of the controversial matter, included in the draft constitutional package, was renaming of NWFP as Pakhtoonkhawa, the matter which was not acceptable to many Parliamentary parties, including the one making part of the ruling coalition. Some sources in the ruling coalition disclosed to TheNation that Pakistan Peoples Party also wanted to give indemnity to the acts of former President Gen (Retd) Musharraf and acceptance of some of the draft constitutional reforms, floated by the PPP, would tantamount to giving a clean chit to his November 3 act and the steps taken by him subsequently. In these circumstances, PML-N leaders were not much optimistic about the striking down of the controversial constitutional amendments, but at the same time they did not want to share the blame with PPP and that was the reason they would be replying to PPP on the draft constitutional package soon.