The recommendations of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) regarding rights of women need unanimous and open deliberations by a panel drawn from the ulemas as well as intelligentsia of the country. One cannot turn down these recommendations off hand as some seem to suggest. It is a fact that men folk make a mockery of the divorce. Whenever they want to get rid of the wife for any reason, they simply utter the words "I divorce you" and whenever they wish to restore marital relations again, they reassert their rights again saying their divorce was actually void due to there being no witness to its pronouncement. In most cases, the woman 's fate is hung in balance a long time as she is neither divorced nor free. I suggest the CII should publicize and disseminate all entries of cases it has studied before making the ruling. This should be done on all media, but especially through electronic media on which rather than placing ads, time should be bought to hold threadbare discussions for proper guidance of our youth. Actually, it is a necessary form of education through which our men and women will gain essential information about their rights and duties in the Muslim society. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, November 19.