The global financial crisis and the looming world depression have been a massive shock. People at all levels of society have been hurt as a result but the knee-jerk reaction of blaming bankers for this blight is not only ignorant, it is grossly unfair. Bankers are the community that has been knocked the hardest in this pecuniary fiasco and the twisted monetary system that exists at the moment. It is not only costing them in terms of jobs, or opportunities at their jobs but they are also losing out on well-deserved earnings due to punitive damages being imposed on them for dealings prior to this financial mayhem. My basic point here is not to exonerate anyone. I am sure that at the level of individual institutions, stupid things were done and irresponsible risks were taken. But blaming people who extended aid to those who needed it in dire circumstances is entirely ridiculous. What infuriates me most is the notion that we are somehow 'greedy' and it is our 'greed' that has caused this mess. When a banker is making money for the consumer, no one talks about greed or voracity because everything is hunky-dory. Not a word is uttered about the trailer-trash of slums that tried to get their grubby mitts on houses they couldn't possibly afford. It's not greed you hate; it's success. -MUHAMMAD ARSHAD NADEEM, Islamabad, via e-mail, November 11.