ISLAMABAD In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of October 2005, out of 6,271 main schemes costing Rs26,783 million started by Provincial Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (PERRA) around 65 per cent remained incomplete during the stipulated time period. As per the progress report of PERRA for the year 2008-09, a total 6,271 schemes costing Rs26,783 million pertaining to various sectors were required to be completed from July 2006 to June 2009, whereas only 1,997 schemes were completed, revealed Audit Report on the accounts of ERRA -Audit year 2009-10 a copy of which is available with TheNation. In eight sectors 6,271 schemes include education (2,995), environment (346), governance (476), health (148), livelihood (203), sport protection (10), transport (150) and WATSAN (1,943) were to be completed by June 2009 but only 1,997 schemes were completed. The audit report mentioned that PERRA and various District Reconstruction Units (DRUs) were established to monitor and ensure timely completion of the reconstruction and rehabilitation schemes in the earthquake affected, but the progress of the work showed poor performance on their part. While, the management in its clarification replied that a considerable achievement has been made during the Financial Year 2008-09 as compared with the year 2007-08. However, the reply was not acceptable, as target has not been achieved even after a lapse of three years, according to the report. The audit report also revealed that the principal accounting officer did not convene Departmental Accounts Committee (DAC) meeting till the finalisation of the report despite repeated requests by DG Audit. According to the report, the audit recommended to justify the delay in completion of schemes and responsibilities be fixed on persons at fault under intimation to audit. The audit report also pointed out irregular expenditure on rehabilitation of forests Rs300 million in State Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (SERRA). According to the details, the earthquake severely damaged 372,259 acres forests in Muzafarbad, Neelum/Jhelum valley, Bagh, and Rawalakot districts. To save the forests from damage and rehabilitation of damaged forests trees, five PC-1s valuing Rs300.170 million were prepared and approved by the Secretary forests, the audit report said. The total forest area was 1,172,341 acres and damaged was assessed area 372,259 acres, said audit report. The audit report also revealed that no record in support of the payments made was produced for audit scrutiny. The damaged assessment report was also not produced to verify the actual damage and proposed actively for its rehabilitation. The report mentioned that in absence of relevant record of retrieval of damaged timbre and its disposal was also not available. The audit report said the chances of misappropriation of the timber could not be ruled out. It may be mentioned here that in last DAC meeting the management stated that reforestation activities were not carried out on the areas shown damaged in the PC-1 but on certain other areas.