The Yemen chapter of Al-Qaeda has stated in a foreign publication that while it takes only a paltry sum of $4,200 for it to prepare and carry out a parcel bomb attack using equipment that is hard for the screening machine to detect. But it causes widespread panic in the Western world, and the US and its European allies would have to spend billions of dollars on installing new security system to forestall hi-tech terrorism. Referring to the discovery of a parcel bomb on a cargo plane, which paralyzed the West in a sinister wave of fear, and almost froze all cargo flights coming from Yemen, Al-Qaeda stated that its strategy would be that of dealing a thousand cuts to bleed the enemy to death. This should be a moment of reflection for the US, which despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on beefing up its security, and even a greater amount on the war on terror in the vain hope of dismantling terrorist sanctuaries remains vulnerable to attacks from militants. It is pertinent to mention that in its proclamation, Al-Qaeda stated that its game was to destroy American economy through fear and paranoia. It is only unfortunate that the Americans have taken a course of action that has only exacerbated the malady rather than acting as a remedy. While the West must not close its eyes to the danger, it is finally time for it to reconsider how it intends to protect itself. If aggressive wars against Iraq and Afghanistan and drone forays into Pakistan territory have played havoc with US economy and brought about a global recession but yet could not prevent the terrorists from striking at will at places of their choice, it follows that the game-plan being pursued is full of flaws and needs to be changed. A number of notable American writers rightly question why it is that Osama Bin Laden who was fighting alongside the US against the Soviets switched loyalties and overnight became its enemy number one. The fundamental point invariably overlooked by the US has been that this is essentially a struggle that involves winning over hearts and minds. Its overt support for Israel and India, condoning their massacre of the occupied population in broad daylight has earned the wrath of Muslims. The untold misery suffered by the masses during the war on terror, have no doubt served as a recruiting windfall for the radical forces pitted against the US. The American image abroad cannot change unless and until, the US calls a halt to its aggression against the Muslim world. Neither could the US secure for itself the security it so desperately wants.