ISLAMABAD - According to a fresh government decision in the wake of the ongoing power sector reforms execution, and till the notification for the reconstitution of new Boards of Directors of Power Distribution/Generation and Transmission Companies, the existing Board of Directors will cease to function immediately. The new boards are being finalized and will be notified as soon as possible. As part of the ongoing power sector reforms, the government has decided to reconstitute all the Boards of Directors of Power Distribution & Generation/Transmission Companies along professional lines in accordance with the guidelines of the Cabinet Committee on Reforms (CCOR), with special emphasis on representation from consumers. The CCOR guidelines state that the size of the proposed Boards of Directors may range between 8 to 10 members. The proposed names of Boards of Directors members of Power Distribution & Generation Companies must contain a right mix of government and private sector professionals with a greater leaning towards the private sector. Regional balance will be observed in the nominations to the Boards. Gender balance will be maintained while making nominations to the Boards. The nominees may also reflect a balance in the age of the nominees to the BODs, with a view to grooming a second generation of private sector persons. At least one member on the Boards of Directors should be a young private sector individual with potential to make his mark in the future. Nominations from the private sector should be made considering the ability of the nominee to devote time. Ministers, Secretaries and government officials will not be nominated as Chairmen of the Boards of Directors. The office of Chairman Boards of Directors and CEO shall be kept separate. Representation from the administrative Ministry/Division on the Boards of Directors of private sector entities should be restricted to one. The CEOs and one other executive (Head of Finance) of the PSE will be included in the Boards of Directors.