NEW DELHI (AFP) - Indias ruling party sought on Monday to defuse a giant telecom corruption scandal that has embroiled the government, stalled parliament and further tarnished the countrys political class. For more than a week, the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been battling opposition pressure and lurid allegations about what could amount to one of the biggest scams in Indian history. Former telecom minister A Raja, who resigned on November 14, is accused of losing the national treasury up to 40 billion dollars over the sale of 2G mobile phone licences in 2007 for a fraction of their value. The opposition led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) again blocked the functioning of parliament on Monday, continuing its demand that a cross-party probe be set up to investigate the alleged scam. After the adjournment for a seventh day Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee called an all-party meeting to seek an end to the disruption that has prevented any new legislation being discussed in the winter session. The purpose of the meeting is obviously to see if we can find a way out of the impasse in parliament, Congress spokesman Manish Tewari told AFP. Elsewhere, Indias Supreme Court raised doubts Monday about the recent appointment of a new top anti-corruption official, adding to a damaging perception that the government is soft on graft. PJ Thomas was sworn in as the new Central Vigilance Commissioner in September amid protests from the BJP who claimed at the time that he was a tainted figure. During a legal challenge to Thomass appointment, Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia questioned the nomination of a man who was charged by police over his role in an alleged palm oil import scam in his home state of Kerala. In every matter he deals with, he will face embarrassment and under these circumstances we want to know if he will be able to function as CVC, Kapadia told the court. In a separate but unwelcome reminder of another corruption scandal, Indian police on Sunday arrested the sacked treasurer of the Delhi Commonwealth Games organising committee. The Congress party was also roiled by the resignation of the chief minister of the powerful western state of Maharashtra, who stepped down two weeks ago over his alleged role in a housing scam that saw apartments reserved for war widows sold to politicians and military officers. Faced with a daily drip feed of damaging stories, Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi said last week that Indias fast economic growth was coming at the price of a shrinking moral universe. Indias ruling party on Monday called an all-party meeting to try to break a deadlock which has seen opposition lawmakers repeatedly halt parliament over allegations of massive corruption. Parliament was again adjourned for the day as the opposition disrupted proceedings to demand a cross-party investigation into the 2008 sale of 2G telecom licences for a fraction of their value. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has denied accusations that he failed to act over the multi-billion-dollar scandal and has vowed to punish anyone found guilty of graft.