This is with reference to issues of ethics, accountability, morality and their relevance to political set-up in a country, as compared to those ruled by tin pot dictators and unjust elected governments. In democratic countries like USA, corruption does exist, but once a public servant is exposed or caught in financial and administrative irregularities, than exemplary punishment is given. People seeking elected public office, or those on payroll of the state, are expected to act honestly and hence their wayward behavior is unacceptable. The most recent example of this is censure of powerful Congressman Charles Rangel, who was not accused of any act of corruption that led to personal gains for his person, but for violation of rules and issues of conflict of interest such as soliciting grants for scholarship funds in his name for a college in his constituency, without permission of the Speaker of the House and using a vacant residential complex for his campaign. Rangel had also been accused of violating rules that prohibit use of official stationary available to every member of the House for his personal campaign. What we have in Pakistan is a facade of democracy, where those elected seek perks, favors, privileges and indulge in promoting their private business interests with no questions asked, nor any fear of reprisal and accountability. Democracy loses its essence when there is no rule of law and the elected government, which is required to be custodian and protector of tax payers funds or fundamental rights of their citizens, assumes the role of protecting looters and violators of law. Elected governments in a democracy are answerable to the people of their own country for all their acts done while in office, or for every rupee spent. Unfortunately in countries with a facade of democracy, elected representatives seek to please foreign governments, while they abuse their powers within their own countries, flout rules and seek undue favors for themselves or cronies. Pakistan is a country with foreign debts of over $60 Billion, yet it is neither self-reliant in agriculture, nor does it possesses a basic infrastructure for public transportation, subsidized quality health, education and industry. There is no culture of paying taxes by the elite, both civil and khaki, who have fleeced this unfortunate country and transferred all their assets abroad. Its citizens fear being kidnapped by the very security agencies that are supposed to guard and protect them. SYED IJAZ, USA, November 22.