LAHORE - As per tradition, Mayor of the City should have represented the Lahorites at the International Labour Day ceremony in Chicago, but the top bureaucracy bowed to the political bigwigs, and resultantly 'accommodated a PML-N MNA. The Punjab Governments decision to send MNA Bilal Yasin to Chicago to represent Lahore on International Labour Day has put the City District Government high-ups in troubled water, as the violation of tradition is making it difficult for them to pay the cost of ticket to the travel agent. MNA Bilal Yasin left Lahore on Qatar Airways flight in the last week of April and attended the ceremony in Chicago on May 1, 2010. The travel agent, Arab Travels, is running from the pillar to the post for the last over seven months to get released payment of Rs 1,94,000 but to no avail. Sources say that it has become difficult for the CDGL to pay the ticket cost to the travel agent as a politician and not the Administrator or District Coordination Officer travelled to the US City to represent Lahore. According to the sources, the CDGL high-ups sent a summary to the Punjab Chief Minister over seven months back with the request to nominate any officer of BPS 20 or above for participating in the International Labour Day ceremony in Chicago. The CDGL was seeking nomination of Administrator, Secretary Local Government or any officer of BPS 20 or above to represent Lahore in the high profile event. Instead of nominating any officer in the absence of elected District Nazim, the Punjab Government assigned the responsibility to MNA Bilal Yasin, said an official at the DCO office seeking anonymity. He went on to say that the Punjab Government provided an opportunity to the MNA to visit the US on CDGLs expenses. He said the CDGL high-ups bowed before the Punjab Government and allowed Bilal Yasin to travel to the US in sheer violation of set tradition. Now the CDGL high-ups are finding no head from where the travelling cost could be paid to the travel agent, the official said, adding that the CDGL could only pay for the ticket of District Nazim or its officer and not that of a MNA having no relation with the local government. Either the travel agent will lost his money or the CDGL will look for other means to pay for the travel cost of the MNA, the official maintained.