Whilst the US and allied forces are still reeling from the damaging blabbing of Bob Woodward in his new book captioned Obamas Wars, another severe blow to the basic objective of defeating al Qaeda and Taliban operatives has been caused by a controversy surrounding Headleys alleged role in 'Mumbai Terrorist Attacks-2008. The Chicago-based Pakistani American David Coleman Headley 49, pleaded guilty on March 18, 2010 on charges of scouting targets to launch 2008 Mumbai attacks and other terrorist activities. Indian media gave intense coverage, as it is its old ploy to implicate Pakistan for the devastating Mumbai attacks. In retrospect, Mumbai was rocked by more than 10 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks during the gruesome attacks which killed at least 166 people and wounding 308. The Indian government hurled allegations against Pakistan. Pakistan denied involvement of any of its agencies hinting that it may be the handiwork of some non-state actors from its soil acting upon their own wish. Ever since Mumbai carnage, India has stalled composite dialogue process that was initiated in 2004 between the two countries. Suspicions and mystery have existed all along Headleys confessions, as his association with al Qaeda and American CIA are still unclear. Nonetheless, David Headley was born in Washington, DC, where his father worked for a news agency. His Maryland-born mother worked as a secretary at the Pakistani embassy in Washington. In 1997 he was arrested for smuggling heroin into the country from Pakistan, but got discharged later. He changed his Muslim name to a Christian name to hide his Muslim identity to make travel to India easier. Between 2006 and 2008, he did five spying missions in Mumbai scouting targets for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He was arrested in October 2009. He faces life imprisonment and a $ 3-million fine when he is sentenced. In June 2010, Indias National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been given access to Headley. In the wake of President Obamas Nov 6, visit to India, airing the case of David Headley is aimed to tarnish the image of Pakistan. Headley drama cannot be seen in isolation, as it is part of a conspiracy to isolate Pakistan from the international community. In this respect, Headleys guilty plea is part of a plot against Pakistan. As interpreted from Headleys statements, it is revealed that Mumbai terrorist attacks-2008 were a well-coordinated scheme between RAW, CIA and Hindu terrorist outfits. In fact, Headley has his real connections with Indian RAW, Mossad and American CIA. CH. ZAKA ULLAH, Islamabad, November 22.