LAHORE (PPI) - The hides and skins business restarted after ten holidays of Eid here at hide market in city on Monday. On first day, some 125000 goats and sheep skins and 20000 hides of cows were auctioned in market. According to details, the business activities have resumed in hide market after Eid holidays. Former Central Vice Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) and Managing Director Siddiq Leather Works Sheikh Muhammad Naeem said that some 7.5 million animals slaughtered in every year in country and four lakh animals slaughtered in Lahore on Eid occasion. He said leather industry was the second largest exporter in Pakistan after textile sector and export volume of finish leather and leather products including leather garments, gloves, footwear and other products was Rs 50 billion. Sheikh Muhammad Arshad, President Traders Association Hide Market said that on first day the rates of goats and sheep skins were Rs 600 and cow hide auctioned Rs 4000. This year the skins and hides rates were high up to 30 percent against last year. There were two reasons behind increasing the rates of skins and hides first the int'l rates were high and second the slaughtering of animals on Eid occasion has been dropped in country. The rates would be increased or decreased in hide market in future it depends on supply in forthcoming days. If supply would be increased the rates would be reduced and if supply would be shortened the rates would be increased, he concluded.