LAHORE JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan while condemning poor Haj arrangements and reports of huge commission drawn by those in authority, has demanded dismissal of all involved in this scandal. In a statement issued Monday, he asked that all the pilgrims who could not perform Haj due to poor arrangements must be facilitated by the government for a Haj journey on state expense the next year. It was most unfortunate, he said, that thousands of Pakistani pilgrims could not perform Haj, as they did not reach Arafat due to poor arrangements. and lack of proper guidance. There was no one to look after or guide them and the residences provided to them at Makkah were also at a distance of 5-6 kilometres from the Holy Kaaba. He said that the reports of taking commissions from Hajaj had damaged the image of Pakistan in the world and those involved had earned wrath on this account. The JI chief condemned attempts from certain quarters to put blame on the Saudi government and said this was a plot to strain the Pak-Saudi relations.