LAHORE - Prices of second hand warm clothes are continuously increasing with the sudden change of weather and the opportunist traders are playing with the needs of the people. A survey conducted by TheNation revealed that the number of buyers is rapidly increasing in the city. The people, particularly belonging to the poor, lower middle class as well as 'white collared persons in the society, are compelled to purchase second hand warm clothes due to high prices of the new winter collection of clothes. The prices of new clothes have gone beyond the reach of common man who is already over burdened by the spiralling prices of other daily use items coupled with growing unemployment. A great rush of buyers could be witnessed at Main Landa Market besides the other markets located outside Mayo Hospital, Anarkali Bazaar, Chah Miran Market, Ichhra, Samanabad, Empress Road near Borh Wala Chowk and some others. Saqib, a salesman at a readymade garments shop, said that the citizens of low income group were reluctant to purchase such costly clothes. He informed this scribe that an average quality woollen clothes are available from Rs 700 to Rs 2,000 each and sweater and jackets ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 each. The low prices of second hand garments attract the lower income section of the city, said Ejaz Khan, a merchant of Landa Bazaar situated near Mayo Hospital. He said that there was a big difference between the prices of new clothes and the used ones. He said the imported clothes in Landa Market had a lot of variety and vary in prices falling within the reach of the common. He said that the prices of different garments range between Rs 50 to Rs 5,000 according to their quality, condition, material, stitching and the brand. Some reputed stores of the city also sale quality warm clothes at their stores and shops on high rates after purchasing from Landa Bazaars, he said adding that all such stuff purchased by these stores seemed to be newly stitched. Certain buyers in the market seemed dissatisfied even with the prices of second hand garments due to sudden increase in the prices of such clothes. Giving account of prices of various stuff, a buyer Salman said that socks which were available from Rs 15 to Rs 40 in previous years are now available from Rs 30 to Rs 60 while sweaters are available from Rs 100 to Rs 2,000, jackets Rs 300 to Rs 5,000, shirts from Rs 100 to Rs 500 and single piece coats Rs 200 to Rs 3,000. A complete suit is available from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000. However, a trader Muhammad Ejaz told that the reason behind the increasing prices is not only due to unaffordable prices of new winter garments but uncertain law and order situation in the country which also hit the business of second hand clothes.