LAHORE - Justice Shaikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court Monday asked the state to respond to the petition that why the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) held stocks of sugar during the time when the commodity prices were increasing and reached Rs 120 per kg. The petition was filed by senior advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique. The application sought contempt of court proceedings against the respondents in the context that fixing the sugar price at Rs 72 per kg was a violation of this court which has ordered the authorities to fix the same at about Rs 40 per kg. The applicant contended that fixing sugar price at Rs 72 per kg is consequence of a well-planned conspiracy prepared by the men at the helms of the affairs to provide financial benefits to the sugar mafia, the majority of which is in the rule at present. He prayed to the court to take note of it and initiate contempt of court action against the respondents. The court the other day also took serious view of the fact that despite repeated calls, no reply to the petition has so far been furnished by the federal and the provincial government. The court viewed the matter as a high public importance therefore the respondents must address the issue raised in the petition. The court ordered the respondents to submit reply by November 30. Siddique submitted that current sugar price is Rs 80 per kg which has dropped from Rs 120 when the petition was moved. On it the court sought explanation from the state. The court also called for details of sugar stocks over the last one and a half month. All over the world, eatables are sold out through a system which control the prices but it appears that no such mechanism exists in Pakistan, the court observed. Assistant Advocate General Punjab has also been asked by the court to submit the facts in this regard. Siddique said under Article 9 of the Constitution, state is responsible for taking care of all the basic needs of the people, but here the government allowed creation of a sugar crisis to a gross violation of this Article. He presented press clippings of the statements of the ministers and said, they would help the court reaching the truth. The court remarked it wanted to have a permanent solution to the problem so that the people could get relief.