ISLAMABAD/ LAHORE - The political parties Tuesday gave cautious comments on the memo controversy but on one point all the politicians were having a consensus that if found guilty stern action should be taken against all those found involved. A majority of the PPP leaders termed the memo saga a conspiracy against their government but were of the firm view that the PPP-led coalition government would do impartial inquiry into the matter and if some truth was found in it the culprits would be awarded exemplary punishment. They said that the prime minister had sought the resignation from Hussain Haqqani and it was sufficient to prove that the government is sincere in conducting fair and impartial probe into the matter. Law Minister Maula Buksh Chandio said that the things about memo scandal would be clear by today and assured that a thorough probe in to the matter would be conducted. Talking to media, he said that stern action against Hussain Haqqani would be taken in case he was found guilty and the matter would go beyond his resignation. The result of the memo issue will come out by tomorrow, he said. Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar affirmed that the government and army are enjoying normal ties and the entire memo scandal sounds baseless. He further said that Husain Haqqani would be given fair chance to clarify his position on the issue. President of his own faction of Pakistan Muslim League Sh. Rashid Ahmad said that Haqqanis name should be placed on Exit Control List while the matter should be probed under the supervision of superior judiciary. He suspected that some bigwigs of the government might have hand in the whole affair and it should be thoroughly probed as it involved issues relating the national security. Awami National Party spokesman said that Prime Minister had sought resignation from Hussain Haqqani and everybody should wait and see the inquiry report. He further said that it was premature to jump on the conclusion right now and wait for the results of the formal inquiry to be initiated against the former Pakistan Ambassador to US. Giving a reaction on Ambassador Husain Haqqanis resignation, PML-N spokesman Senator Pervez Rashid said on Tuesday said the resignation of the envoy is not enough as the real faces behind the Memogate episode need to be unveiled. Pervez said that given the facts of the matter, one can say that diplomacy of Haqqani was threat to the country however the memo issue carries a number of questions which need to be answered. To a question, he said his party would take a decision after a fresh review of the issue. A private TV channel reported the PML-N was set to file a petition before the Supreme Court on memo issue today. Pervez said the resignation itself indicated that something wrong was done by Haqqani but added that the real characters behind the matter remain to be exposed. Others parties, MQM, JUI-F and PML-F gave cautious view on the issue, saying everybody should wait for the inquiry. The PTI spokesman demanded thorough probe into the matter and stressed the need of exposing the real faces behind the whole saga.