LAHORE The female students were passing under severe mental stress due to a surprise move initiated by the administration of Govt MAO College, which commenced co-education classes of BS (Hons) programme, it was learnt on Tuesday. The female students complained that the boys often tease them in different ways and disturb them even during the presence of the teachers. They have demanded separate classes of males and females students so they could continue their studies. The Govt MAO College, which was basically for the boys, started admissions of girls in B.Com and Information Technology (2-year) programme in 2004. In the B.Com (2-year) programme, a number of girls acquired admissions and their classes were separated from the boys. This programme was suspended with the introduction of BS (Hons) 4-year programme in Commerce and Information Technology last year. However, the girl students continued to take admission in B.S (Hons) 4-year programme in Science, Arts and Commerce including Mass Communication. The strength of girls was negligible in Science and Commerce while their strength was comparatively fair in Mass Communication discipline. The girls demanded separate classes from boys due to their strength and they were allowed to study in separate classes in year 2010. However, during the current year after a lapse of two months from the start of the academic session, the administration combined their classes and initiated co-education system. This trend created unrest among the girls. The girls complained that boys were teasing them and disturbing the classroom decorum. While talking to this scribe, a female student said that they had lodged a complaint to the administration but they refused to accept their demand for separating classes from boys. She said that the outsiders and student union members were also teasing them even in the classrooms. She quoted an event when their classroom was bolted from outside even the presence a female teacher. She further said some of the boys often hurled filthy remarks to the girls and due to which a number of female students had left the college. It would be interested to mention that there were a fair number of girls in post graduate discipline which had been declared as co-education and the highest number were in Mass Communication, Physiology, Economics and English. There were also complaints of indiscipline and intervention of outsiders in the post graduate bloc where these classes were held. The girls threaten the administration to boycott the classes from today (Wednesday) if their demands were not fulfilled.