OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE 'Impalpable Ballads a solo painting exhibition of Faiza Khan opened here at The Collectors Galleria on Tuesday. On the occasion, about 20 art pieces, mostly oil on canvas, were displayed. Talking about her work the artist said, My recent work is a manifestation of personal self, social-political activities and abomination faced by humanity. I strive to highlight an eclipsed journey of emotions, which often depicts the oscillating conditions of women between integrity, grace and benediction, isolation, oppression and struggle for a life liberated from fear. The figures dance a metaphorical element in compositions reflecting emotional landscape of the mind mingled with mystery. I endure to probe and aspire to the value of a human life and revolution at all levels geared toward fighting oppression, inequality and discrimination so as to break boundaries to encourage dialogue. By encountering and recognizing the hypocrisies of society, its injustice and unequal structures, I transform some expressions on the canvas, hoping for essential changes and freeing the mind and spirit from inner turmoil, intellectual suppression, and injustice that confines a person specially women in a South Asian society. The exhibition will remain open till November 26.