Over 7,000 security personnel will perform duties during Muharram in the Federal Capital to ensure high vigilance and foolproof security.Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has made comprehensive plan to ensure strict security arrangements during Muharram and has decided to conduct regular security checking at routes of processions and Majalis.For this purpose, over 7,000 security personnel including Islamabad Police and Rangers will perform duties. ICT officials have planned with the religious scholars and organizers of Muharram Majalis and processions. Organisers will co-operate with the police and law enforcing officials and will activate the volunteers to check the participants of Majalis and processions with metal detectors.ICT officials will also conduct visit of all the routes of Muharram processions and Imam bargahs alongwith police officials.Security passes will be issued to the volunteers of Majalis while the police officials will also cover rooftops.Processions will pass through the designated routes and timings of processions will be observed strictly. It was also under consideration to cancel the holidays of cops of Islamabad Police and not to grant leave to anyone during Muharram to maintain high vigilance and foolproof security.Lady police would be deputed for the female gatherings while police officers and Jawans would perform security duties outside the Imam bargahs. Main processions would start from 8th Muharram to 11th Muharram and police commandos would be deputed at the routes of processions. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, November 21.