KARACHI- Spiritual leader of Hur Jamaat and Chief of Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Pir Pagara has said that he did not see any elections in foreseeable future nor any political party in power but stated that the law of necessity is expected to lay down the course of future political action. He was talking to media on his 84th birthday at his residence Kingri House here on Tuesday. Pir Sahib Pagara, who had accepted and initiated the role to unite various factions of Muslim League in his media talk did not see any possibility of unity among various factions of the Muslim League because he said there were more leaders than the followers. He, however, said that if Muslim League is united everybody would be in it including Mian Sahib and General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, who he said would certainly return to Pakistan. He said any person who would like to be in politics in Pakistan had to join Muslim League as leaders of almost all other political parties were one time or the other were with Pakistan Muslim League before they changed their loyalties. Responding to question about alliance with PML-N, he said his doors were open for everybody including Mian Sahib and in a lighter vein added that 'he and Mian Sahib had no difference over any girl friend. When invited to comment on Asif Ali Zardari and his expertise for 'jor tor ,he said Zardaris time of jor (making) was over and now the time for tor (breaking) has begun. No media talk of Pir Pagara without the mention of Army is complete and when he was asked question about it, he said there would be necessity of circumstances that would pave the way for its intervention. When his attention was drawn towards remarks of Supreme Court that judiciary would no more endorse Armys unconstitutional moves, he commented judiciary moulded itself in accordance to the situation prevailing at a particular time. He said Shah Mehmood Qureshi has bright future but for Imran Khan, he said he was not very sure about former cricketer coming into power. Asked to give his views as to who would survive in the ongoing MQM versus Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza tussle, he said chances of Dr. Mirza were bright as the former Sindh Home Minister was enjoying blessings of many and did not need his (Pir Pagara) blessings. He, however, said that whatever was the outcome, MQM will remain with government. At the start of his media talk, he said that he had forecast that month of November would bring good news, In reply to another question, he said the time has not yet come to take decisions about Pakistan within the country. Its fate would continue to be decided outside the country for a long time, he added. He said Commissionerate system would continue now. He already had forecast during the government of Musharraf that his local government system would be wrapped up with his regime. 'It was mentioned in the Constitution that states and provinces would be restored in the country why Bahawalpur State was not restored and continue to be under occupation of Punjab, he added. He said that there could be no nation without accountability. When asked after appearance of Hussain Haqqani before the GHQ who else would follow the suit, Pagaro said except 'you and me all had to appear before the GHQ. Pagaro said he was going on leave for 8 to 10 days from Wednesday (today) and when he would return the scenario would have changed but he could not forecast whether the system would have changed.