WASHINGTON (Online) - Hardening stance on Pakistan, leading Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said that the country is in danger of becoming a failed State. 'You are dealing with a nation like Pakistan, with a hundred-plus missiles, which is a fragile State, and could be become a failed state, Romney said. In his speech at Nashua, New Hampshire, Romney said the world has become more dangerous. 'Its become more dangerous, and you recognise that. North Korea, over the last several years, has tested a nuclear device, has tested long-range missiles. Iran is, of course, arming Hezbollah, Hamas, he said. 'To a degree, Taliban, as well, has pursued their nuclear ambitions. Russia is acting in a more belligerent way with their neighbours and former satellites. China makes friends with some of the most unsavoury characters in the world. Whether in Burma/Myanmar, whether in Sudan, North Korea, China seems to be gathering a union of totalitarian states of some kind. The world is dangerous, Romney said. 'Our friends are in fragile settings, Israel in particular. With the development of the Arab Spring, that could be either some of the best news weve had in half a century or some of the worst, depending on how it turns out, he added. 'We, of course, want to see the expansion of freedom, free enterprise, across the globe. Yet, there are other models. There are a number of players who want to see an expansion of totalitarianism and are building a network of totalitarian States, he added. 'Having thrown aside, to a degree, Communism or socialism as economic principles, theyve grabbed onto a form of free enterprise, and by virtue of the power, economic power, of free enterprise, they have greater funding than theyve had before and greater prosperity, and theyre using that to build extraordinary military might, Romney said. 'Now, theres of course a third competitor, and the third competitor is the jihadist competitor... In a setting like this, the idea that were going to devastate our military is simply unacceptable. I would call on the President to immediately introduce legislation which says we will not have a USD 600 billion cut to Americas military, he added.