Stella McCartneys 885 'Octavia Stretch Dress or the 'optical illusion dress as it has been dubbed, has been seen on the red carpet in a few different guises, most notably on Kate Winslet who loves it so much shes worn it twice. When Winslet arrived at the Venice Film Festival premiere of her TV mini-series Mildred Pierce back in September, her tiny waist drew gasps from the crowd. On closer inspection, her artfully tailored beige and white dress featured wide black side panels, which sculpt the body giving the illusion of a much slimmer waist. Of course, the effect works better when the wearer is standing against a black background (as Liv Tyler did when she debuted a similar style at a film screening in June - shes no fool) rather than a bright red carpet, but the effect is nonetheless impressive. So much so that Winslet took the Octavia for another trip down the red carpet at Carnage premiere in Paris, this time in scarlet. TG