PESHAWAR - Two police constables were killed when militants attacked Speen Qabar check-post of Badabher police near Khyber Agency on Thursday morning. Sources said that amore than 40 militants, equipped with heavy machine guns and rockets attacked the check-post, which was jointly guarded by police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) around 10am.The killed personnel were identified a police constable, Rehman Wali and Shamsur Rehman. A large search action was carried out by the police in the area after the militants escaped.Police arrested several suspicious men from the area during the action and shifted them to a police station for investigations. DSP Fazal Mowla told media persons that two policemen were killed by the militants who escaped towards their native town, Akka Khel in Khyber Agency.Meanwhile, two devices weighting about 500 gram and five kilogram respectively were defused by Peshawar police near Gulbahar Fly over. The bomb was defused through water blast mechanism while the police personnel were directed to stay away from the site.