MANDI BAHAUDDIN - 27th Urs celebrations of Sufi Saint Pir Syed Muhammad Jalaluddin Shah Naqishbandi Qadri began at village Bhikhi Sharif here the other day.

Sajada Nasheen Pir Syed Naveedul Hassan Shah Mashdi inaugurated the Urs ceremony.

A large number of devotees are participating in the Urs. Addressing the inauguration, Pir Syed Naveedul Hassan said that mausoleums of saints play important role in promoting love and brotherhood among people who come from far-flung areas to attend Urs rituals.

He urged the faithful to follow the teachings of saints to win blessings of Allah and his Prophet (PBUH).

“if we lead our lives according to teachings of Islam as preached by saints, Muslims all over the world would get united and turned into a great power for guiding the world on the righteous path that would ultimately lead to peace and prosperity of human beings,” he said.

On the occasion, famous religious scholars including Pir Syed Irfan Mausvi, Pir Syed Mahfooz Mashdi, Allama Syed Shabiul Hassan, Pir Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah, Maulana Wali Muhammad (India) and Pir Syed Anwar Shah shed light on the life of saint Jalauddin Shah and said that his teachings were beacon of light for the Muslim.

Lunger (free food) was also distributed among participants of the Urs and collective prayer was held for peace, prosperity and stability of the Muslim Ummah.