RAWALPINDI - The dead of the Wednesday blast at a Muharram procession near Imambaragh Qasar-e-Shabbir, Dhoke Seydan in the city included seven of three families.

They were identified as Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah, 55, and two of his sons Own Abbas Kazmi, 17, and Shabih-ul-Hassan Kazmi, 8, (a mentally distorted child), hailing from Dhoke Seydan, and two real brothers Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah, 30, and Zia-ul-Hassan Shah, 42, sons of Syed Ghulam Haider, the residents of Masjid Noor area, two real brothers namely Asif Hussain and Adil Hussain, sons of Babar Hussain.

It is pertinent to mention here that Syed Niaz Hussain Shah, the father of Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah, had also lost his life in a suicide blast occurred at Bari Imam, Islamabad, in June 2005.

The family members were in a state of shock and not in a position to say something about the irreparable loss they had faced and all what some of them said, “It is hard to believe this tragic incident that swallowed their beloved ones and still they are not reconciling with the situation”.

However, Syed Aashiq Hussain Shah, a sobbing relative, who was standing near the coffins of Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah and two of his sons at graveyard, while talking to TheNation said on Thursday, that Mushtaq Shah was very religious, honest and noble man and always loved to help others in their hard time.

He said that the deceased was lone bread and butter earner for his family. He informed that Own Abbas, the younger son, was mentally distorted.

He said that the deceased was associated with fabrics business at Dheri Hassanabad and had left a widow, 16 years old daughter studying in class 10th and nine brothers behind him to mourn. 

Recalling his last meeting with the suicide blast victim, Ashiq said that Mushtaq was repairing some wooden racks in the shop of one of his nephews located near his house at Dhoke Seydan.

He said that he asked the deceased as to why he (Mushtaq) was doing so hectic work. “Shah Sahib, I love my nephews a lot and it gives me immense pleasure when I help them sometime”

Amjad Hussain Shah, the brother of the deceased, could only say that he would miss his brother and innocent nephews for the whole life and then burst into tears.

Heart moving scenes could also be witnessed at the home of two real brothers Tanveer and Zia, who were killed in the same suicide bombing.

“Bhai Jan, you will see soon that I will leave your world and meet with Ali Mola (RA) with smiling face,” was the last words of a deceased Syed Tanveer Shah told Syed Qadeer Hussain Shah, the elder brother of the deceased.

Qadeer was of the view that Tanveer was a great personality. He said that Tanveer had tied the knot one year ago and used to run a welding shop at Dhoke Seydan to feed his family.

Missing his elder brother Zia-ul-Hassan Shah, Qadeer added that he was a social worker who liked to mitigate the problems of the poor. He informed that Zia left behind an aggrieved widow, a son Raza Kazmi, 8, and three daughters.

He said that the sudden death of his two brothers had shattered his life. “It seems that I had lost very precious thing. May God give rest the souls of my brothers in heaven,” he asserted while rolling tears on his face.