PPP spokesman Mr Kaira is upset about Lahore High Court taking up the case of Kalabagh Dam. He forgets that water is life and hence becomes a fundamental right of public importance squarely in the domain of the superior courts. Engineer Shams-ul-Mulk is on record to have said that today we cry against power shutdowns, but when we will face water shortage we would forget power shortages. ANP and PPP with MQM have an unholy alliance to deprive Pakistan of any agricultural and industrial progress due to lack of water and cheap power.

What is so hard to understand is the stance that the ruling party has taken. Everyone believed that PPP would give Pakistan a much awaited breath of fresh air, but unfortunately they have robbed us of everything, except free air to breath. ‘Actions speak louder than words’, if this is true then the PPP and its coalition partners want to annihilate Pakistan, as there could be no worse enemies of the state then PPP, ANP and MQM combined. They have taken many steps to ruin Pakistan’s economy including importing high priced oil for power generation to decimate the industry and starve the farmers by water deprivation. If they had taken the bold step to build Kalabagh Dam they would have been remembered in the history of Pakistan. It is a marvel that PPP still expects to win the 2013 election in spite of inflicting crippling damage to Pakistan’s economy and bringing the poor man to death’s door.


Lahore, November 07.