ISLAMABAD  – While chill is witnessing a constant increase with each passing day, the demand for chicken corn soup has increased manifold in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

A large number of people can be seen enjoying chicken soup either by standing near soup stalls or sitting in shops and restaurants.

But at several stalls and shops care is not taken to serve the chicken soup in hygienic ways. “It’s quite ironic that care is not taken to serve the chicken soup in accordance with health standards,” said Imran Khan at Raja Bazaar.

He said he had ordered for a bowl of soup at a stall but returned it on noticing that the pot was not properly washed.

“I have seen a soup stall-holder serving the broth in the same bowl several time without bothering to wash it,” said Adeel. a teacher. 

He said that he heard some one saying that chicken soup is also called grandma’s penicillin due to its healing effects upon health, but the way it was being served “wastes all its benefits.”

Dr. Zahid Mehmood, who runs a clinic in Rawalpindi said that  one could not deny that there were a host of benefits of taking chicken soup, but care should be taken to ensure its hygienic  serving.

Muhammad Numan, while taking a sip of soup at stall at Faizabad said that despite the fact that there was so much dust around the stall, he could not resist the temptation.

He said that only those should be allowed to set up stalls who assure the authorities to maintain hygienic standards.