Pakistan is a country where foreign investment is fast drying up. In these circumstances, it is alarming that two members of the Senate have acted in a manner as to send negative vibes to the world about the country’s qualification as an attractive destination for foreign investment. At least this is the signal that was sent when Senator Zahid Khan, who chairs the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power and Senator Shahi Syed ordered that the KESC Managing Director be arrested for failing to appear in person to answer questions of the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power.

As the requirement of the Senate Committee was to appraise itself on certain issues concerning KESC’s performance, the power utility had seen to it that senior executives were sent to the Senate Committee hearing to satisfy the Senators’ queries. It is therefore quite strange and rather un-parliamentarian to observe that while the Senate Committee did not even have time to hear what the KESC team had to state, in response to the questions that were sent to KESC management, the Committee was offended that the KESC MD had not appeared in person, and making it an ego problem issued orders for his arrest.

The Senator’s in their wisdom may not have realized the impact that this action would have on Pakistan’s image, that it would certainly negatively influence those foreign investors, who may have the country on their list as an investment destination. It would serve the nation well if the Chairman of the Senate as well Speaker of the National Assembly were to guide the honourable members that while they attempt to follow the house rules, they must not act in a manner that damages the country’s image as well as interests in the international arena.


Karachi, November 13.