“All cruelty springs

from weakness.”

- Seneca

It is unfortunate that Israeli brutality continued for eight days, in which over 150 innocent people lost their lives while more than 500 were seriously injured. Despite a ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas that runs the Gaza Strip, this clearly indicates that the situation is unlikely to change until there is an amicable solution for the Palestinians.

Likewise, when the Indian troops unleash terror in occupied Kashmir, the result is the same where unarmed civilians, including women and children, are brutally executed. The champions of human rights and the new world order, however, remain mere spectators; and in some cases, encourage the forces of brutality by providing them with the weapons to suppress people demanding for their legitimate rights.

Israel that owes its existence to USA and Britain has, indeed, emerged as one of the most brutal states in the history of mankind. While the Israelis mourn the atrocity committed on the Jews by Hitler in Germany, they have gone beyond it and have used warplanes and cluster bombs against defenceless Lebanese and Palestinians. Often pictures of Israeli tanks firing on Palestinian children, who throw pebbles at them in protest against the occupation of their land, are highlighted in the international media, both electronic and print.

Nevertheless, the Americans must also share the blame for the atrocities that have been perpetuated on hapless Palestinians for so many years. As assumed, it is only with their support and encouragement that the Israelis have been able to indulge in such crimes. Meanwhile, it is unfortunate that the Islamic bloc seems helpless against Israel’s atrocities and has not even united to enforce economic sanctions against it.

The same holds for the 700,000 Indian forces, who continue to unleash brute military power against unarmed Kashmiris whose only demand is their right to self-determination, as promised by the UN and India, too! The US, in fact the West, has been ignoring the issue of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) without realising that if it remains unresolved, it will surely have catastrophic consequences for the world.

During the recent outbreak of violence, the USA, instead of condemning the Netanyahu government for its brutalities against unarmed Palestinians, had maintained that it “will stand with Israel.” This created an impression that the Palestinians are a threat to Israel and that Israel has every right to shoot and bomb them indiscriminately. Nevertheless, Washington should pressurise Tel Aviv to resolve the issue peacefully to put an end to the cycle of reprisals and revenge, once and for all!

Meanwhile, the Islamic bloc, instead of whispering a protest every time such incidents occur, should come forward and impose economic sanctions against Israel so that it can be reined in as done by the US administration, who at the behest of Tel Aviv, imposed restrictions on Iran for pursuing the much needed nuclear programme to meet its growing demand for energy.

Regardless of the fact that the Israelis have openly threatened to attack Iran and destroy its nuclear facilities, the Muslim countries failed to rise to the occasion. However, it is no secret that Israel itself possesses nuclear weapons that are a danger to the Muslim world.

As for Pakistan, in spite of being well aware about the serious gas and electricity shortages, the US is pressurising the PPP-led government to abandon the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project that, if completed, will improve the living standards of Pakistanis. Likewise, the US-Indo civil nuclear agreement is another example of American bias.

It is unfortunate that most of the countries have surrendered to US dictates. Except for some states like China, France and Germany that are willing to take independent decisions. But they are not willing to make it easy for the countries that don’t have US support.

Reverting to the Gaza crisis. The efforts of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi to broker a  ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas is, indeed, commendable. Reportedly, the United Nations Security Council has recognised and welcomed Egypt’s recent efforts to help end violence in the Gaza Strip. Yet, one hopes that before such a tragedy occurs again, the so-called enlightened Western world will take active steps to ensure that it never happens again.

As said earlier, the Obama Administration must understand that unless and until the right of Palestinians to exist as an independent country is recognised, the Israel-Palestine conflict will go on. The sooner it intervenes, the better it will be for the region and the world.

In the same vein, the US must help resolve the Kashmir issue. If this does not happen, there will be no lasting peace in this strategic part of the world, especially with both India and Pakistan in possession of nuclear weapons that, God forbid, may lead to a catastrophic human tragedy.

The writer has been associated with various newspapers as editor and columnist. At present, he hosts a political programme on Pakistan Television.  Email: zarnatta@hotmail.com