KARACHI - Opposing the idea of military operation in Karachi, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has said that military action is never a solution towards any problem.He suggested severe action against the criminals through an independent police force, which do not come into any political interference and can control law and order situation of the City.He was talking to the media persons after meeting with the trades of electronic market in the City on Thursday. The PTI chief also visited the Jamia Banoria, where he met with the administration of the Madaressa.  Criticizing the present government, he said that Sindh government had failed in maintaining law and order in the port City and one should not be hopeful of them or their coalition partners.Imran condemned sectarianism and killing in the City, saying the Islam doesn’t allow one to impose their ideology on others.The PTI chief appealed to the Karachiites to reject the political parties, which believe in weapons and have militant wings, in the next elections.  “Like cancer could not be treated through a tablet of fever, the reconciliation and negotiations are not the solution of law and order issue of Karachi,” he declared. People who believe in peace should come forward and speak loudly against the situation, he said. Imran said that extortion was increasing, while government had failed to take action against criminals as people were being killed in targeted killings and sectarian basis.The traders receiving chits of extortion as protection money for their lives but the government was making statements instead of taking steps to save the citizens.He opined that demanding the army for operation in Karachi as well as banning the riding on motorcycle not the solution of the problems.He said the when police was made independent and appointing and posting officers made on merit, the issue automatically would be resolved.He said that his party would resist any attempt to defer the next general elections, demanding that elections must be held on timer whatever the circumstances of law and order prevail in the country. He said people should vote for political parties who do not have ‘militant wing’. To a question, Imran announced that his party would sit on opposition benches in the parliament if it not wins majority seats in the next elections. He said that it is an international conspiracy to divide and make confrontation on sectarian basis in the country.