PESHAWAR – Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, Thursday took out a protest rally against the Israeli security forces bloodshed in Ghaza.

The protesting teachers led by the federation provincial President Prof Dr Sahib Islam were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the Israeli brutality and urged the United Nation to stop the Israeli violence forthwith. In the protest rally a large number of teachers from all the four public sector universities on the campus. They also raised slogans against the Jewish cruelty on innocent Palestinians.

Addressing the gathering, the protesting speakers said that Israel is the biggest enemy of Islam and Muslim. They strongly condemned the Jews attacks upon the innocent Muslims of Ghaza, and asked the OIC to come forward and give a strong reaction to the violence. The Jews want to eradicate the Muslims, but they would never be succeeded in these heinous designs, they added.

They also criticized the UN, the so-called champion of peace in the world for following a criminal silence over the ongoing massacre in Palestine and backing the Israeli terrorism. They asked the leaders of all the Muslim states in the world to unite against the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim forces and give a strong reaction at the earliest.

The protesting teachers also demanded of the government to immediately contact the UN forum and a pass a resolution against the Israeli aggression, otherwise threatened to come at roads along-with students.