ISLAMABAD  - Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi has bowed out of a scheduled visit to Pakistan, where he was due to attend the Developing Eight summit in Islamabad, Egypt and Pakistan said on Thursday.Mursi - who was thanked by the United States for helping to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas - had been slated to join the Islamabad talks, and his office said he would now stay home to monitor the truce.“Mr Mursi took this decision because of the need to monitor internal developments in Egypt and also to monitor the commitments of all parties regarding the ceasefire in Gaza,” said the Egyptian presidency.Vice President Mahmud Mekki was attending the summit in his place.Pakistan, which wants to use the D-8 to improve its international standing, had welcomed Mursi’s prospective visit as the first by an Egyptian head of state in four decades.World leaders hope the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will offer at least temporary respite from bloodshed in Gaza and southern Israel.Mursi, a leading member of Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood, was elected in June in Egypt’s first election since a popular revolt brought down secular strongman Hosni Mubarak.He resigned from his Brotherhood-led party, the FJP, and vowed to represent all Egyptians, but his elevation raised concerns about Cairo’s peace treaty with Israel and its ties with Hamas, part of the Brotherhood movement.Resultantly, the joint sitting of the Parliament scheduled for Friday has been put off due to cancellation of the official visit of Egyptian President to Pakistan.The joint session which was to be addressed by President Mursi has been cancelled due to cancellation of his three-day visit to Pakistan.Pakistan had made elaborate arrangements to give a rousing welcome to Mursi as he would have been the first Egyptian president to visit Pakistan in nearly four decades.The first democratically-elected president of Egypt was also to be awarded an honorary doctorate degree by NUST University.Meanwhile. Egyptian Vice President Mehmood Mekki arrived in Islamabad Thursday morning to attend the D-8 summit. He was received at Noor Khan Airbase by Federal Minister Wakkas Akram.