ISLAMABAD – The young doctors have requested the National Assembly Standing Committee on the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD) to hold impartial inquiry afresh of the attack incident at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) as the inquiry committee of the ministry, what they called, was biased and it ignored the real culprits and implicated only young doctors.

In response to the National Assembly Standing Committee’s recommendation that had said the doctors found guilty in brawl should be terminated, the young doctors maintained they are innocent and the real culprits are totally ignored in the inquiry.

In a statement issued by the Young Doctors Association (YDA) Islamabad, the young doctors said that the remarks of the Standing Committee were based on the reports of CAD, which was a false report, and the reality was not shown to the Standing Committee, that was why committee demanded dismissal of four doctors.

“Had the committee been told the truth, it would not have demanded our dismissal. It was only one side of the picture which was shown to the committee and the desired statement was the outcome so the Standing Committee is humbly requested to conduct an unbiased and impartial re-investigation of the incident so the truth can be brought to the lime light,” it said.

Clarifying the strike of YDA Islamabad, the young doctors said that the strike was not against the appointment of ED PIMS but it was against the physical torture of private guard of a VIP on two young doctors. “The incident of October 20 happened when peaceful strike of YDA Islamabad was sabotaged by some armed outsiders and those outsiders came to Pims with the support of some doctors working in PIMS,” it said.

This main aspect of brawl was totally ignored in inquiry committee and neither that armed outsider nor his supporters were called before the inquiry committee to find the truth about this incident, the doctors alleged.

The doctors who have been labeled as main culprits of that incident in which windows and crockery was broken in the ED office were presented in front of the inquiry committee as witness against YDA Islamabad members.

At the time of incident more than hundred doctors of YDA ISLAMABAD and 20 to 25 those outsiders were also present in E.D office and the whole mob was provoked by three things including physical torture of a guard on two young doctors, threat of lifting of young doctors from their hostel through IB as the masters of that private guard belongs to a powerful family as their relatives in work I.B, Police and other intelligence agencies and the third factor was the presence of an armed outsiders who misbehaved with doctors and threatened them to stop the protest.

The scuffle as a result of this provoked mob and agitation of outsiders resulted in breakage of window and door glasses in ED office but why only four people are being victimized.

One of the young doctors alleged that the qualified four doctors including Dr. Asfandyar, Dr. Ejaz, Dr. Taqi and Dr. Shams of YDA Islamabad are going to be sacked only to nourish the other favourite and pampered organization.

A PIMS official, who requested not to be named, informed TheNation that the government was bent upon terminating the doctors due to the opposition to the appointment of new Executive Director Prof Riaz Warraich and the strike call by the doctors on security guard issue. He was of the view that an independent inquiry should have been conducted and the termination of the doctors is unjustified and a one sided decision.

Terming the appointment of new ED as illegal the official said no dentist could be appointed as ED as dentistry is altogether a different field and have different institutes and head of a hospital like PIMS should have been appointed from medicine field.

PIMS ED Dr. Riaz Warriach, when contacted, informed that the decision of the committee has been implemented and three postgraduate doctors have been repatriated to their respective institutes while the case of forth doctor who is an employee of the PIMS will be discussed in another committee to take action.

He said that the committee took the decision after cross examination, hearing witnesses and examining videos and photographs that made it clear that public property was damaged and doctors were barred to perform their duties by these doctors that was seen by everyone.

He said that the inquiry committee was constituted by the ministry not the PIMS administration and it was headed by a senior joint secretary of the ministry and it was a wring impression that the committee was biased. “The committee recommended strong punishment including cancellation of their licenses and registration of FIR under the terrorism act but on my request to the minister the committee took lenient view and only repatriated them to their respective institutes,” he added.