ISLAMABAD - Fasihur Rehman Khan  - No one thought a conservative and simple Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinijad could be a ‘charmer’ and that too for a vibrant Pakistani media, which was helplessly made to sit for three hours at the Iranian embassy compound for his press conference on Thursday evening.

A simple gesture earned the man a huge goodwill which otherwise costs public relations managers and spin doctors a lot of brainstorming and exercise.

Television, newspaper and wire reporters were supposed to rush back to their work places as soon as the already three hours late press conference was to climax. The long wait made many of them yawn and crack jokes just to kill the time as every one waited patiently for the Iranian head of state to arrive. But it turned out to be an unexpected eventful event with laughter and smiles all around as newsmen rushed to him for photos and autographs. And he tried to entertain all and sundry wearing a simple welcome smile.

Fauzia Syed, a foreign news channel journalist, was the first one to ask for a photo as the press conference ended, and Ahmadinijad was all smiles. And within no time the floodgate opened with no let up. Most of the newsmen wanted a photo with him and that too through their own mobile phone cameras. It was quite a hassle.

But the Iranian President mingled with them in no time, graciously stood on the stage, entertained many with group and individual photos, warm handshakes and good wishes. To top it all there was no gender discrimination. As Fauzia was covered with headscarf and nearly met the Iranian post revolution dress code to some extent, but for other ladies not meeting the criterion, Ahmadinijad had no problems.