PESHAWAR – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Culture, Mian Iftikhar Hussain has appealed to the people to cast their votes for those who are time-tested, real lovers of the land and who cannot hesitate to offer their lives for the country.

He added that the upcoming general election would be of great importance, as the evacuation process of Nato forces in 2014 would have direct effect on this region. Therefore, there should be such leadership, which has the ability of effectively tackling that situation.

This he said while addressing a big public meeting at Akbarpura district Nowshera the other day. Prominent figures of Akbarpura, Malik Shaukat Ali, Malik Nawaz Khan, Malik Liaqat Ali Khan, Malik Haji Khyber Khan and Malik Rajol Khan alongwith their families and companions joined ANP and expressed their confidence on the leadership and policies of the party.

The Information Minsiter, while welcoming the new comers into ANP, said that this division was in time and perfect and it would yield positive affection in future of the province. He said that their doors were open for all and every patriot would be wholeheartedly accommodated. He maintained that the ANP due to its sacrifices and performance has become a popular and strong political force in the province, adding that his party would sweep the next general polls by its performance. 

Mian Iftikahr Hussain claimed if the ANP was not empowered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there would be a government of terrorists in the entire country, but it was the ANP that blocked the way of terrorists. He asked the people to be aware of such elements who have lust for power and have nothing to the country’s future. He declared we need ideological and committed people for this task.

The minsiter continued that they have fulfilled all their promises commitments made with the people during the electricity including bringing peace in the region, control over own resources identity of the province, recovery of Rs 310 billion hydel power profit and enhancement in resources through unanimous NFC award. Similarly, efforts were underway to get rid of power outages and for the purpose 24 hydel power projects casting Rs 313 billion have been approved furthering that 3 out of the 24 projects have already been started in which 3 more were ready for launching, he asserted. The Minister also narrated the successes and achievements including reforms and steps initiated in the education, health and electricity sector as well as police force ensuring the safety of the common man.