QUETTA - Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Balochistan chapter, on Thursday announced to open emergency wards to provide services conditionally on 9th and 10th of Muharram.

The decision to this effect was taken during a meeting of the Balochistan PMA chaired by Dr Saadat at Civil Hospital Quetta. The decision was taken on the conditions of withdrawal of cases against doctors and opening of private clinics and hospitals.

A large number of doctors participated in the meeting and strongly condemned teargas shelling, police manhandling and arrest of doctors.

The doctors questioned if doctors and professors were manhandled in such a way by the police what would be their behaviour towards the poor.

They accused the police of demanding bribery in thousands for even serving tea and food to them, adding they also gave them money for permission to offer their prayers.

 The doctors warned if their demands were not met, they would elongate their protest.

On the other hand, the protest of the doctors continued on Thursday as all the major hospitals remained closed in Quetta and the other districts of Balochistan.