The Senate’s Standing Committee for Interior has informed the house that Rs 800 billion corruption is being committed in government institutions. The Committee Chairman Senator Talha Mehmood charged that the government itself was encouraging corruption in the Interior Ministry, FIA and other institutions. The most pertinent question is how to stop this pilferage. Laws as well as institutions like the anti-corruption department exist but they themselves are often accused of being the problem rather than the solution. Sometimes the ruling party’s ministers are heard confusing the issue with metaphysical propositions, as saying that the scourge is an ‘attitude’, hence evincing their culpability as well as lack of interest in stamping it out. That attitude is palpably tangible and becoming the source of loss of billions of rupees that otherwise could have prevented the government from asking for funds from the international lenders. It is in fact so tangible that one comes across it everyday in every sphere of officialdom but since there is no check on it, it has become a free for all.

It is also a challenge for all those sitting in the Senate as well as the National Assembly to decide how they are going to take the bull of corruption by the horns. The proceedings on Wednesday ended in bitter recriminations between the Additional Secretary Interior Ministry and the Committee’s Chairman. Hardly the way to launch a campaign against the menace!