Due to government’s silence and weak laws corruption has become a part of our daily lives. Due to political influence, corruption and unprofessional management of profitable institutions, such as Pakistan Railways, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Steel Mills, and much of the banking sector and several others are taking their last breath. According to news the Supreme Court was informed that the Pakistan International Airlines had suffered Rs119 billion losses last year.

Only months ago National Assembly was informed that Pakistan Railways suffered 27 billion rupees losses due to hike in diesel prices. Despite receiving 8.5 billion in a bailout package from the government Pakistan Steel Millis is also passing through worse stage of its history. No one asked anyone in the national assembly how such money generating organizations, which are every country’s most valued assets, are showing losses in Pakistan? Where is the money going? Do we have a different set of rules than the world?

The simple reason for all this financial loss to the government exchequer is mismanagement and appointment of people who have no business background or knowledge of how to run state owned money making establishments. Nowhere in the world are appointments, to these prestigious and large corporations, given into the hands of inept and unsuitable people or made on political bases. Pakistani taxpayers can only cry and write letters to the editor of newspapers but the government continues to play this horrific game of accumulating continuous losses. There is still time, we can bring in educated and professional people to turn around these institutes and start generating income instead of heavy looses. The present government needs to take stock of their actions if they ever want to come back into the political arena as a player.


Jeddah, November 14.