I have been working in UAE since 1976, to support my family and to earn valuable foreign exchange for Pakistan. I have fulfilled  my responsibilities as a Pakistani during the critical situations, i.e. earth quake, floods, I sent money to help the victims. During my service I saved and invested in Pakistan by buy a plot in Kallar Kahar , district Chakwal to secure the future of my children after retirement. This plot is near PAF College, measuring 16 marlas, and it was transferred to my name on 10-10-1997. During my annual vacations I started to establish the foundations. Now some peoples have laid claim to my land illegally, in my absence.

I was informed of this situation by my relatives. We tried to get legal help but the Tehsildar and the Patwari (local officials) of the area are in cohort with the land mafia and all efforts were in vain. I regret that when anyone steels money from Pakistan, he is protected by authorities, but when an honest, hard working Pakistani saves money and buys land in his own country he is cheated out of it and he can do nothing! I have all the evidence, that the land belongs to me, but I am filled with sorrow, that there is no one who can help me in Pakistan! I have received awards for my hard work in Dubai, from the government, while I am robbed by my government, and there is no law which will save me. I appeal to everyone in authority to help me regain my lost, hard earned, assets and give me justice.


Chakwal, November 17.