Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Friday promised the people of Sindh that he would not allow the division of Sindh if he came into power and would lend an ear to the opinion of Sindhis before a conclusion on the construction of Kalabagh Dam. Thus he firstly pitted himself against the MQM, who have fashioned themselves to be the saviours of Sindh from centralized authority, and has put his foot into the Kalabagh pie, with no consideration to what the benefits of the dam are for the nation. For what? Why put a negative spin on a project that is urgently needed? Does Naya Pakistan not need water and electricity? Does he remember that Thar is going though a famine and that the flood situation is now a permanent problem across Pakistan? The floods in the past four years could have been averted if we had built more dams. Even with large-scale loss of life, agriculture and property, our leadership is playing politics with the issue of building a dam.

It is not a debate, Sindh needs the dam. The province can allocate 2 million acre-feet of water exclusively for Thar from the Kalabagh Dam while Punjab’s share should go to Southern Punjab, specifically Cholistan. The problem is not with the dam at all, the dam is essential. The problem is with these politicians clouding the issue, including Tsunami Khan. Kalabagh Dam was proposed by the World Bank by 1977, and is still just a blue print. Enough is enough. The problem is also that the PML-Q is a vehement supporter of the Kalabagh dam, and this might be doing it more damage as none of the contender to the throne, or the current Nawab, Nawaz Sharif, want to give the Chaudhrys any hint of a victory. In May, Nawaz Sharif gave the green light for construction of the 4,500-megawatt Diamer-Bhasha Dam and the 2,000 megawatt Dasu Hydropower Project on the Indus river. Imran is scared of any success that could be attributed to Nawaz Sharif. If Kalabagh dam is built, Imran cannot allow it to be because of the Sharif bros., or the Chaudhry bros.

Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi provides a very simple solution to all this. If someone doesn’t like the Kalabagh dam, just rename it to Pakistan dam. We can’t hate Pakistan now can we?