ISLAMABAD - Finance Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar has said that the government would continue to pursue its policy to bring further macroeconomic stability, reduce energy shortages and help in a transparent manner the vulnerable segment of society through Income Support Fund.

He said all political parties and stakeholders should work towards a consensus ‘Charter of Economy’ in order to ensure consistency and implementation of economic policies for the betterment of the people in the years ahead.

Senator Dar, in a statement issued Saturday, went on to say that the government is equally focusing on the electoral reforms agenda through a Parliamentary Committee and its Sub-committee which, if combined, have held 16 meetings till date. Currently, speedy work is in progress in reviewing and finalizing the recommendations on 1,283 proposals received from different stakeholders of the society for amending 6 election related laws and for making appropriate changes in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Dar however regretted that some elements continue to harp on some whimsical issues and do not contribute positively in this futuristic reform agenda by physically participating in the process. The minister said that he always avoids bringing in personal issues of anyone but emphasized that politics too has its own norms and should be driven by minimum ethical benchmarks which are globally followed in the political arena.

He said that recent successful conclusion of 4th and 5th reviews with the IMF have boosted our economic standing as reflected by recent statement of international rating agency Standard & Poors, which has bolstered investors’ confidence in Pakistan as well as abroad. Consequently, Pakistan’s Sovereign Euro Bond is traded at Premium in the international markets. The economy is again moving in the right direction as indicated by growth and revenue generation, sharp decline in CPI (inflation rate), increased foreign remittances in the first 4 months of the current Fiscal Year 2014-15. Now, it is the duty of all stakeholders to contribute positively on the subject instead of making repeated attempts to disrupt the positive gains which the economy has made so far, Dar remarked.

While we are busy building Pakistan’s economic standing, there are elements which are out to thwart our efforts, but with Allah’s kindness and help of the people of Pakistan, we would be able to defeat these elements, the minister said.