ISLAMABAD  - The Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Center for International Enterprise (CIPE) and Kauffman celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014.

The event was attended by a large number of students of major universities including Bharia, Air, COMSATS, Quaid-e-Azam, Virtual and Iqra Universities. Shaban Khalid Chairman YEF, Ms Zeenat Ayesha CEO Pappasallis Restaurant and FayyazYasin Manager Research Center for Peace and Development Initiatives were the panelists.

Speaking at the occasion, Shakeel Munir, acting president, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stressed that youth should prefer to become job creators instead of job seekers, as Pakistan was a big market of consumers. He hoped that the recommendations given by the students to remove corruption would get due attention of policymakers.

Shaban Khalid, Chairman, YEF also highlighted the role of Young Entrepreneurs Forum of ICCI for the development of an ecosystem for entrepreneurial culture in the country. He stressed students to think seriously for starting business ventures as it offered great prospects for growth. He also emphasized stressed that students should come up with creative ideas to fight against corruption from the society. He also shared his experiences with the students on how to become a progressive entrepreneur.

The students came up with many recommendations to overcome corruption that hampers entrepreneurship. They urged for developing proper SOPs and their implementation in public sector organizations, which will help in reducing corruption. They also stressed for ending red-tape culture from bureaucracy, developing transparent procedures, strong institutional mechanisms, promoting better linkages between universities & industries, involvement of youth in ideas development, practical application of theoretical knowledge taught in universities, creating better awareness and education about entrepreneurship and against corruption from schools, discouraging monopolies in business, privatizing utility service providers, establishing strong autonomous accountability bodies, introducing flat tax rates, ensuring compliance of intellectual property rights, promoting IT solutions to reduce interaction between entrepreneurs & government authorities etc.

The panelists also shared their ideas and experiences with the students on how to deal with corruption that hampers entrepreneurship. It was the consensus view of the event that honest and clean practices were the way forward to reduce that hampers entrepreneurship.