New York  - Songs From The Big Chair, the band’s second album, was first released in 1985 but has now been reissued in five different formats, including a six-disc special version.

Roland, who makes up the band with Curt Smith, said: “The hardest part for us was finding all the original tapes. It was a real trip down memory lane. Apart from the few songs off the album we play live, I haven’t listened to it in 15 years or more.”  He added of the royalties from airplay of songs such as Everybody Wants To Rule The World: “Those songs have been rammed down people’s throats since they were recorded. And thank God for that.”

Roland said of making Songs From The Big Chair, as opposed to their debut album The Hurting which they worked on for long hours each day: “I don’t know if it was a happier time. I don’t know if happiness is a necessary ingredient in making a great album. It was much more enjoyable, I know that much, and it was much more of a laugh. “And we’d exorcised our philosophical demon during making The Hurting. We said everything we needed to say.” Roland continued of making a new Tears For Fears album: “It was easy with the last one, because the whole point is that we were back together.

Now we’ve been back together for a long time and we need to find something else to say.

“At no point, in my opinion, is there a point to putting out an album without it meaning something, although I said that about Songs From The Big Chair and look where we are.”