Road accidents are frequent in Pakistan and claim several lives annually due to poor roads, badly-maintained vehicles and reckless driving. Such as the brutal accident, a collision between a passenger coach and a truck, near Theri Bypass around Khairpur, claimed the lives of 58 people. This accident the negligence of the authorities, traffic laws are not observed in the literal sense of the word, sleep-deprived drivers share equal blame, part of this responsibility also falls on the shoulders of the National Highway Authority and other organizations related to road construction.

Most of these coaches are owned by politicians or the rich elite, whose sole interest is in making money, no driver of any such vehicle, involved in an accident was ever brought to justice. We need to enforce strict road safety laws. The drivers do not realize that they are responsible for the lives of over a hundred people. This accident should get the same attention as an airplane crash but unfortunately we keep overlooking these accidents and move on without taking any measures of road repairing and construction or looking at the drivers and holding them responsible.


Hyderabad, November 18.