LAHORE - PTI Punjab president Ijaz Chaudhary has claimed that the Punjab government is responsible for 39 deaths in public hospitals of Sargodha and Vehari.

Giving his party position over the tragic incidents on Saturday, the PTI leader said that masses would never forgive the ruling party for such irresponsibility. He said that the deaths of 19 children in Sargodha’s public hospital due to the unavailability of oxygen, after 20 deaths in Vehari’s public hospital because of the same reason, clearly identified the irresponsible behaviour of Punjab rulers.

“This tragic incident of Sargodha might not occur if the Punjab government had taken swift action against the concerned persons of Vehari event,” Ijaz maintained.

He also alleged that PML-N workers were damaging the posters and banners of Imran Khan in Gujranwala, ahead of Sunday’s public meeting which expresses the fear among the ruling party ranks regarding the rising popularity of the PTI.

The PTI leader claimed that Azadi campaign was peaceful since its launch from Lahore on August 14, but the rulers desired to give it colour of unruly movement.