London- Saeed Ajmal is targeting a return to the Pakistan team in time for the 2015 ICC World Cup after expressing satisfaction on the remedial work he has done on his bowling action in recent weeks. Ajmal, who was banned from bowling in international cricket in September, underwent unofficial tests on his remodeled bowling action earlier this month at the ICC-accredited testing centre in Loughborough.

After the assessment, bio-mechanist Dr Mark King stated that there has been significant improvement in the off-spinner’s action, even though his elbow flex is not within the permissible 15-degree limit at the moment.

"I'm very pleased with the assessment of Dr. King," Ajmal said, in an interview with "It was very heartening to hear what he had to say. I was expecting a reduction to about 30 degrees but to see that some deliveries are down to 20 degrees is fantastic and positive news for me.

"Also, what is really encouraging is that most of my deliveries are now within the 15 degree limit. The ICC's rules of course stipulate that all deliveries have to be under 15 degrees and I'm very confident that I will achieve that target with the help of [former Pakistani off-spinner] Saqlain Mushtaq and all the other individuals who are helping me and guiding me."

Ajmal added that the doosra is the only delivery for which his elbow straightening exceeds the permissible limit, and that he is working hard to rectify it.

"I'm working hard on adjusting the doosra to ensure that it is also under 15 degrees and I'm confident that I will manage to do that." Asked whether the 15-degree limit was too harsh on bowlers, Ajmal said: “"I think 99% of bowlers these days would fail the 15 degree test for at least one or more of their deliveries. I also think that the technology being used in match situations to assess bowling actions is too strict. I think they should use the normal television cameras to assess our bowling actions, but instead what is being used are cameras that can virtually see the blood running though our bodies."