LAHORE - The speakers at a seminar on Saturday have urged the protesting political parties to show maturity and spend supporters’ funds and charities on public welfare projects instead of wasting money on holding sit-ins and protest rallies.

In the same manner, the government should also show responsible attitude by adopting austerity measures and spending public taxes for masses benefit like health, education, clean water and research projects.

The seminar was organized by Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan (HNPIP) on the topic of ‘Impact of politics of agitation and sit-ins on economy and social order’ on Saturday.

HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali gave a detailed introduction of the topic and introduced the guest speakers, which included Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Auria Maqbool Jan, Dilawar Ch and Mian Saifur Rehman.

Absar Abdul Ali said that there are different ways of expression in democracy including parliament, rallies and sit-in but the wrong way of expression always resulted in anarchy. He urged both the government and the opposition parties to remain within their limits and understand their actual responsibility, respecting each other views instead of adopting uncivilised way and allegations.

Addressing the participants, Goindi observed that sit-ins were actually a fight between ruling elites, as those who were claiming to fight against status quo were also part of it.

Criticizing the derailment of democracy by repeated military interventions in the country’s history and overall social and political structure of the society, he said that change could not be brought to Pakistan by slogans but practical steps must be taken to achieve social and economic development.

Mian Saifur Rehman said that we did not need a charismatic saviour or any role models, adding that it was a time we should find solution of problems by ourselves.

Dilawar Ch criticised the lack of seriousness by majority of leading figures from all segments of the society while analyzing and addressing the core issues of unemployment, weak social structure, low literacy rate and weak economy.

Auria Maqbool Jan, criticising the foreign investment, said that it was a way to exploit poor nations by the capitalists. He also flayed democratic system, saying that Indian democracy could not eliminate poverty for the last 70 years.