KHYBER AGENCY - Construction work on terminal at the Torkham border was stopped when the Afghan authorities lodged a protest over it, official sources said on Saturday.

They said the Pakistani authorities had launched construction work on the mega project of building a terminal on Torkham border. "Pursuing the plan, the Pakistani officials setting up pedestrians' tunnels on the border to regularise people's movement on the border," sources said.

They said that last day the Afghan officials raised objections over it and after exchange of harsh words between the two border security forces, the Afghan officials asked the Pakistani authorities to forthwith halt work on the project.

According to the Afghan officials, the sources said, the agreements between Pakistan and Afghanistan prohibit both neighbours from construction works on both sides of the border.

"The Pak border security officials stopped the work after dialogue between the authorities of both countries took place in Torkham that released the tension," sources said. They said the border was also closed for very kind of movement and after half hour it was reopened.