Karachi–Despite a well known saying,’ Doctor is the second God on Earth’, every other day, doctors are observed protesting for their rights. Recent example of doctors’ protest was observed on Monday at Karachi Press Club (KPC), as 1,000 Cuban-certified-Pakistani doctors in spite of governmental assurances of getting jobs are still waiting for the issuance of their job licenses .

However, chanting slogans and holding placards many doctors demonstrated a protest demanding Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) certificate from the government, which is essential particular to pursue job as a professional doctor.

On a mutual understanding of Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), two batches of total 1000 Pakistani medical students [selected on merit basis by Higher Education Commission (HEC)] were sent to Cuba on scholarships, in 2007 (325 students) and 2008 (+600 students) respectively, in order to complete their MBBS studies (five years) and house job (one year) as well.

The protestors, after completing their house jobs as MBBS Doctors, came back to Pakistan in March 2014, but they were compelled to do their house jobs once again. However, according to the approval letter issued by HEC, a copy of which is with The Nation, it was clearly mentioned that students will perform their house jobs in Cuba and their house job will be exempted in Pakistan by PMDC

“Relevant Cuban Authorities will certify that (Pakistani) students have completed five years of medical education and sixth year as house job, so that their house job in Pakistan will be exempted by PMDC”

Dr. Mahrukh–one of the protestor, exclaimed her ire against government and PMDC “International time-period for completing MBBS is five-year-period and one year house job, but we have passed nine-year-period comprising one year for Spanish language course (essential in Cuba), five years for MBBS, one year for house job (in Cuba) and almost two-year-period after coming back to country, but we have not got job license yet”

“PMDC and Pakistani government had pledged us that we will get job opportunities in various public sector hospitals after arriving with MBBS degree from Cuba, for that we have also cleared three-phase-test conducted by PMDC, but we are forced to waste our another year in house job, which is totally unjust and violation of letter issued by HEC and PMDC” Dr. Abiha–another protestor told The Nation adding that “former committee of PMDC had exempted house job on us, but a new committee of PMDC is asking us to do so, if governmental decisions are going to be changed on change of committee, then a new committee will order us some thing else and this will continue”

“In pursuit of our right, we had asked many incumbents for help, but after getting no serious response we are compelled to get out on the streets, we are intended to cater this nation, but government’s pessimistic behavior is a barrier in our sincere intentions.” Dr. Zohaib toldThe Nation.

Farooq Sattar Joins the Protest:

Senior leader from MQM, Farooq Sattar also backed the protestors by joining them and assured them full support until they get their rights.

While talking to Media Farooq Sattar said that these doctors are assets of our country and they shall not be mistreated.

“there is no doubt that Cuba is very advance is medical studies and it’s a matter of pride for us that our 1000 students were accepted by Cuban academies. These meritorious students are future of Pakistan and instead of utilizing their skills, our government is forcing them to get on streets. After giving their golden seven years to medical studies, they are not procured with job opportunities which is a matter f sigh for all of us”